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Cyber-security : Are you prepared?

by Michael Champion, Management Consultant, BRG mchampion@thinkbrg


It is just under a month and a half into 2016, and we already have over 60 confirmed data breaches exposing over 1.4 million personal information records[1]. And this is only considering personal information leaks, not breaches in which the target is intellectual property. It is no longer the mind-set of companies to think ‘Have we been breached?’ but rather ‘When were we breached, and did we catch it and resolve it?’ So now is it time for organisations to become aware of their own security? Continue reading Cyber-security : Are you prepared?

Protecting yourself: The secure connection

by Michael Champion, Berkeley Research Group

I’d like you to ask yourself a few questions. How many times a day do you access a website? Now, for how many of those do you have to enter a password? For how many other websites does that user name and password work? And of those, how many times did you check that the website was secure? Continue reading Protecting yourself: The secure connection

Phishing for the Holidays

by Michael  Champion,

It’s holiday season once again. And once again countless shoppers will turn to online stores to avoid the holiday madness within stores—and for convenience. By shopping online we increase the time we are online searching for that perfect gift, confirming orders placed, going through social media making sure the recipient doesn’t already have the gift so carefully selected, and going frantic to make sure we didn’t skip anyone. This situation creates the perfect opportunity for one of the more common hacking techniques in use today: phishing. Continue reading Phishing for the Holidays